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Twitter is a popular platform for social networking, and social marketing. How to use it effectively - especially when it comes to using Twitter for marketing purposes. In order to use Twitter more effectively, you need to understand and use Twitter Hashtags.
What are Twitter Hashtags?
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A hashtag is a number sign (#) followed by a keyword. For example, #marketing is a hashtag that is used on Twitter. When you make a tweet that contains an important keyword, you can use the hashtag (#) in front of that word, and anyone who is searching Twitter for tweets that pertain to marketing or to the word that you used the hashtag with would find your tweet.
You might think of hashtags as a way to categorize your tweets in the world of Twitter. This is a wonderful way to make good use of Twitter, and it is essential that you not abuse this practice. Try to use just one hashtag per tweet, and make sure that you are hashtagging the right words.
How to Use Twitter Hashtags
If you are an Internet Marketer who markets products and services to other Internet marketers, you most likely have a blog about Internet marketing. The next time that you make a post to that blog, you will probably share it on Twitter. Instead of just tweeting the name of your blog post and the URL, you can add a hashtag. Using this example, you may want to add the hashtag #internetmarketing to your tweet.

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