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When picking a real estate agent, you're picking a partner in finding your dream home. The key is to choose an agent who will be an advocate for your throughout the home buying process. Your real estate agent need to understand what you want and help you navigate through available listings (and homes that haven't yet hit the market) to find it.
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A good real estate agent knows about the best schools, the best restaurants, and the best neighborhoods in your city. You should be able to rely on your real estate agent for advice on market pricing -- not just based on comps -- because each home is unique and has its own history which will effect pricing.
But real estate agents do a lot more than just search through listings and match people with the home they want to buy. Negotiation is a big part of buying a home. From contingency sales to the home inspection, and right up to working with a closing attorney, you need someone on your side during the negotiation and closing process. A good realtor will do more work that you will ever realize and will also have the experience and connections to make the home buying process as fun (and pain free) as possible.

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